Rose Quartz Soy Candle Craft Gift Box
Rose Quartz Soy Candle Craft Gift Box
Rose Quartz Soy Candle Craft Gift Box
Rose Quartz Soy Candle Craft Gift Box

Rose Quartz Soy Candle Craft Gift Box

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Make time for yourself and set your intentions with this beautiful crystal intention soy candle kit! 
Learn how to create your own toxin free soy candle that will fill your home with the smell of sweet coconut & lime, and include rose quartz crystal toppings.

Everything you need to make your own soy candle will be included in this kit and delivered to your selected address, with access to a virtual tutorial to step you through exactly how to create your crystal intention soy candle!

In this kit you'll receive:

  • Soy Wax
  • White Frosted Candle Jar
  • Candle Wick + Peg 
  • Coconut & Lime Fragrance
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Stones & Chips
  • Access to virtual video tutorial to step you through creating your project
  • Beverage of your choice to sip on while you create your soy candle

What you'll need from home:

  • Microwavable Measuring Jug
  • Scissors
  • Computer & Internet Access

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