Macrame Wall Hanger (Lila)
Macrame Wall Hanger (Lila)
Macrame Wall Hanger (Lila)
Macrame Wall Hanger (Lila)

Macrame Wall Hanger (Lila)

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Macrame Wall Hanger made soft cotton rope. 

Wood measures approx 60cm wide and macrame hangs 60-65cm from the wood.

Wood is natural rustic wood.

Wood will vary in thickness, straightness and colour. Each piece is unique.

It can be made on Tasmanian Oak dowel if requested.

This wall hanger is a boho style and beautiful in any room in your home to add warmth and texture.

Best suited indoors or undercover outdoors.

Lorna & Lila was created by Kate Fitzpatrick, a Perth-based Macrame artist with a love of texture, natural cotton and home interiors. I carefully design and hand-make each piece with the concept of bringing energy, warmth and conversation to your space. Each piece is created with soft natural cotton and locally sourced wood. With a coastal influence I aim to bring an old craft back with a modern bohemian vibe. 
Pictured above - Kate, founder of Lorna and Lila.

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