'Dinosaur Detectives' Little Hands Premium Box

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Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations.

Dinosaurs hold a special place in the hearts of children. These magnificent creatures ruled our Earth for thousands of years. This box is designed to provide your readers with a look into how these creatures lived and the people who research them.

What is included:

  • There are 3 fabulous books in your box 
    • Dinosaur Parade, Shari Halpern - Your reader will explore a colourful parade of dinosaurs in every shape and size.
    • A Stampede of Dinosaurs, Priddy Books Your reader will love joining the little and big dinosaurs as they sleep, party, plod, run and stampede.
    • Why Does the Dinosaur Have Horns?, Lakepress Books - Your reader will delight in learning about why some dinosaurs had horns.
  • The individual book guides included in the parent booklet will provide an overview of these wonderful books, suggestions on how to enhance the reading experience and educational tips to extend your reader. 
  • Book inspired play activities and crafts:
    • Dinosaur dot to dot
    • Finger tracing
    • Which has more dinosaur counting
    • Dinosaur shadow matching
    • Five giant dinosaurs song
    • Colouring in
    • A dinosaur sensory play setup by Nicole from @ncmummabird
  • Mess Free Dinosaur Painting Craft
  • The engagement gift is a fun Dinosaur Egg and Finger Puppet, perfect for encouraging pretend play and storytelling.
  • A fun to make, delicious dinosaur footprint cookie recipe your reader will love creating.

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