Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box
Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box
Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box
Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box
Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box
Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box

Crochet Blanket Craft Gift Box

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Get cosy with your own handmade crochet blanket!

Make this modern crochet blanket that can be used as a baby blanket for the pram or a beautiful addition to your couch, armchair etc! 

There is no prior knitting / crochet skills required and this kit + class is perfect for beginners as it requires you to learn one crochet knot and repeat it over and over.

An important point of difference with our crochet yarn is that it's vegan acrylic yarn. Most blankets are made from Merino sheep wool which is often a harmful/painful experience for sheep. As a vegan of 4 years, it was important to me to provide an ethical, vegan alternative to this on-trend product so that it can be enjoyed by all without exploiting animals in the process :)

Blanket Size: Completely up to you! Three rolls of yarn makes a blanket approximately 120cm wide x 80cm long depending on how tight/loose you crochet your blanket. It can be folded in half when needed

All of the supplies required will be delivered to your selected shipping address, with access to a virtual tutorial to step you through creating your crochet blanket.

In this kit you'll receive:

  • 3 bundles of acrylic yarn in white, light grey + charcoal (vegan friendly)
  • Crochet hook + small threading needle
  • Your choice of beverage to sip on as you make your blanket
  • Access to tutorial video to make your blanket

What you'll need at home:

  • Large flat area to make your blanket - dining table or lounge room floor can work well. It can also be done on your lap on the couch while you watch television if you prefer.
  • Internet + Computer Access

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