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Meet Calm. She’s guaranteed to help you unwind and enjoy a moment of self-care. 

We’ve got the gorgeous Muse candle from Byrne and Love in the cutest travel size. Small on size but big on impact with 15 hours of burning time. 

If you haven’t tried Chow Cacao chocolate, now is your chance. It’s vegan, organic and so delicious. Let’s just say a few of these might have been consumed in the creation of this box.

Our calm box also has the perfect combination of affirmation cards from Peaceful Mama and Calming Tea from Byron Bay Tea Company. Sit with both to add a moment of peace and calm to your day. 

And everyone’s favourite lip kit from Peggy Sue Soaps is the best way to top off a little bit of me time. 

All boxes come gift wrapped and include FREE SHIPPING. Every box we sell will ensure a donation to Cope to help Mamas with Post Natal Depression and Anxiety.

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