Tea Brew Box
Tea Brew Box
Tea Brew Box
Tea Brew Box

Tea Brew Box

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Brew Box

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Love everything mint, warm and spicy teas or herbal blends that give you that relaxed and calm feeling?  We've put together some fun boxes with teas that go hand in hand like a cup and saucer! 

Each box includes 3 x small pouches and an infuser. These make a fab gift! 

Select from:

  • Relax and Recharge - sip and feel your stress levels drop in your body and mind with our Balance, Sweet Slumber and Lady Bloom blends

  • Spice Up Your Life - for those who like a bit of warming spice throughout the day! Enjoy our Apple Pie, Ginger Zing and Chai Spice blends in this bundle

  • Mad For Mint - oh-so-fresh and delicious for mint lovers! Feel refreshed with our Choc Mint, Mad Mint and Restore blends

  • Iced Delight - cool your tea down and chill out! Whizz up some iced tea with our Lady Bloom, Apple Pie and Ginger Zing blends in this bundle

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The Tea Crowd creates hand blended loose leaf teas from organic leaves, fruits and herbs free from additives and flavourings - only the good stuff! The range includes a delicious mix of black, green and herbal blends to take time out and relax with in gorgeous gift boxes. The blends are created and packaged in small batches in Perth by Jodie, the fun lovin' blender behind The Tea Crowd.
Pictured above - Jodie, founder of The Tea Crowd

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