Personalised Scotch Glass (Blanco)
Personalised Scotch Glass (Blanco)
Personalised Scotch Glass (Blanco)
Personalised Scotch Glass (Blanco)

Personalised Scotch Glass (Blanco)

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Our intricate personalised Blanco Scotch glass is glossy, sophisticated and oh so suave. Whether it be your choice in whiskey or gun, the Blanco will make you feel as though you are wandering the grounds of your treasured distillery in Europe. 

  • Premium Hand Blown Crystal Glass
  • 550mL Volume 
  • Choice of single, double or tripe lettering inscription 
  • Packed in our signature Gift Box with satin pouch & bubble protection
The brands inspiration was to design custom glassware with an intoxicating twist of elegance and the right amount of charm and exclusivity.
Here at The Glass Bar, we believe that every day is worth celebrating - and what a better way to do so than a toast of your favourite beverage. Whether you're by yourself or among your closest friends and family, our glassware is intended to elevate your social experience by becoming the catalyst that ignites your connectedness with one another.   
Our individualization feature allows customers to add a personalised text of their choice that will be engraved into the glass itself. Just like an Aperol Spritz - our glassware is fun, bubbly and refreshing - making it the perfect gift to invigorate any moment. And we'll drink to that!
We strive to provide our customers with an unparalleled and extraordinary experience, unlike anything they've ever encountered. With bold, stylish designs, pamper your taste buds with the perfect icy beverage and an exquisite glass to hold it in. From our family to yours, have one on us and indulge in the finer things in life. 

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