Bath Soak Trio - Nina Bailey

Bath Soak Trio

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Our wellness soaks are designed to detox and nourish the body. Reduce inflammation, stress and enhance your mood. Nothing nasty just pure natural goodness!

Relax and unwind... You deserve it

Bath of Roses Soak Ingredients | Food Grade Premium Epsom Magnesium Salt, Organic Rose Petal Powder, Natrasorb, Essential oils Rose Geranium & Lavender, Organic Rose Petals & Jasmine 

Mint Detox Bath Soak Ingredients | Food Grade Premium Epsom Magnesium Salt, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oil, Green Mica

Orange +Mandarin Bath Soak Ingredients | Food Grade Premium Epsom Magnesium Salt, Organic Blue Cornflower & Calendula Flowers, Orange and Mandarin Pure Essential Oil. 

3 x 70 ml bottles

 Caution: Some essential oils may cause irritation or allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. We recommend a patch test before regular use.

Pure & Natural. No harmful chemicals. Not tested on animals. 

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