'All About Me' Little Hands

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The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.

Learning all about self and how we fit in with others is an important part of childhood. There are big emotions to explore, connections and interactions with others to navigate and a lot of boundaries to test. This box is designed to help your readers explore these ideas in a fun and meaningful way.

What is included:

  • There are 3 fabulous books plus a BONUS book in your box 
    • Sharing a Shell, Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks - Your reader will delight in learning about the ups and downs of friendship in the wonderful rhyming tale.
    • Sometimes I Am Angry, Campbell Books - Your reader will explore with wonder the different ways of managing their anger in this fabulously written lift the flap book.
    • Kindness Rules!, Eunice Moyle and Sabrina Moyle - Your reader will be amazed at how polite elephants can be with this gorgeously illustrated book.
    • Bobby Go To Sleep Now! is the fun bonus book.
  • The individual book guides included in the parent booklet will provide an overview of these wonderful books, suggestions on how to enhance the reading experience and educational tips to extend your reader. 
  • Book inspired play activities and crafts include:
    • Lost puppy maze
    • Sharing colouring in
    • Emotion drawing
    • I have feelings song
  • Fun sensory craft and play handprint hermit crab
  • The engagement gift is a bath ball and toy, to help them learn to take care of themselves.
  • A health, funny face snack recipe your reader will love creating.

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