What is it?

The WeDo Game is a collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do together.

How do you play?

The WeDo Game is super easy to play! There’s no complex rule book and no right or wrong answers. You just simply pick a card at random out of the box (just like a lucky dip!) and follow the instructions on the card. Each activity lasts from 20 minutes to an hour so it can be played on a weeknight after school or work. Its not a big commitment of time, but the results are hugely rewarding!

What’s the age group?

The Family Edition is ideal for families with children between 5-13 years. Whilst there are activities in the box that will work for younger and older kids, 5-13yrs of age is the sweet spot for this edition of the game.
The Toddler Edition is suited for families with younger children between the ages of 2-4. It’s not easy keeping a toddler occupied – they are always on the go! So this edition provides fresh inspiration for parents wanting to spend more quality time with their little ones.

Who is the target audience?

The WeDo Game is the perfect Gift for Mum, Dad, the kids or even the whole family! It’s why we won Best Gift in the GALA awards 2017. It’s a new way of saying Thank you that isn’t a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers. It’s also a must to pack in the suit case when heading off on holiday – especially holidays where WiFi is not “optional” like camping for example!

Why it was created?

Our daughter was getting home from school, switching on the TV or her I-pad & would hardly see her or hear from her all night. Similarly we were getting home from work and struggling to put our smart phones or laptops away. We created The WeDo Game as a way of forcing us to all disconnect from our screens, reconnect, and spend more quality time with one another creating memories that would last a lifetime. The Toddler edition was inspired by our baby girl who, like most little ones just didn’t stop all day! We were constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas on things to do to keep her occupied!

What sorts of activities can we expect?

There are 30 different activities included in every box. With Dave being a teacher, there’s an educational element that has been woven throughout, but primarily the Family Edition activites are designed to stimulate imaginative and creative play as well as prompting meaningful conversations between parents and their kids. The Toddler Edition activities have been crafted to help young families connect through shared experiences, promote development across key areas of childhood growth, and stimulate learning in the same imaginative, creative and fun ways that you will see in the Family edition!