How does this subscription work?

You select the subscription option of your preference (Once off, 3, 5, Full Leap or Just Because). Once you have selected what you want and are finished browsing the site, head to checkout. Continue on with payment, and you'll be asked to enter your email address to get a confirmation email sent, shortly after payment is made.

This confirmation email will have further details explaining whether you are getting this for yourself (a mama) and entering bubs due date/ and or leap date that they are upto, whether you are getting this as a gift and if you need a hard copy voucher mailed to you and what your postal address is, or if you are getting this "Just Because" and not related to leaps which will give you a comment box to leave a personalised message if you want to send this to someone, or to yourself.

What are leaps?

Leaps, or also known as growth spurts or developmental milestones, are changes that happen within your baby's physical and mental state. These changes help assist them to grow, learn and perceive new things. These milestones are very important to helping them grow more as the years go by. In the first two years of life, our babies will experience 10 scheduled leaps. The leaps start out as being quite frequent but as the babies get older the leaps become more infrequent. Each leap adds an extra layer of learning for bub and helps prepare them for the leaps to come. 

The table below provides an estimate on the time frame of each leap and when it occurs. While this can be the exact timeframe for some bubs, it is important to note that all babies are different and may experience their leaps slightly earlier or later, along with experiencing them through different behaviours - whether its crying, being clingy, not eating properly, restless nights, lack of sleep or many other noticeable behaviours.


Leap 1

5 weeks

Leap 2 

8 weeks

Leap 3 

12 weeks old

Leap 4 

19 weeks old

Leap 5 

6 months

Leap 6 

8.5 months

Leap 7 

10.5 months

Leap 8 

1 year .75 months

Leap 9 

1 year 2.5 months

Leap 10 

1 year 5.25 months 

With leaps not happening every month and spread out throughout the course of 2 years, this will mean that if you did purchase a subscription box of either 3, 5 or the Full Leap subscription, that the boxes won't come out to you every month, but in schedule to the table above. For example, if you purchase the 3 Leap subscription and your bub is about to hit Leap #8, the first box will come to you within the month you purchase, the second box will be sent in about 2 months time and the third box will be delivered in another 2 months. 
*While the heart of our business is supporting mamas with bubs experiencing leap stages, we do not own the Leap brand, and it's directly linked with a well known app called The Wonder Weeks. Feel free to download this app for more in-depth detail about your bubs leap stages.
How can I purchase a box without knowing exactly what is in it?

We know everyone needs to know the details of what's inside the box, but part of our subscription service is that each month the products change. Because of that nature, it would be hard to keep track and advertise what's in each box for each month especially when it can change so quickly. Plus, we want it to be a SURPRISE!!



We can definitely say that as first time mums ourselves, there is first hand experience on what could've helped us when we experienced the leap stages and we believe the products we've chosen will help most mamas out there. We are also proud to share that we’ve chosen companies that are eco friendly and made in Australia, with products created for good and less harmful things in it, and that sneak peeks of certain products will be released from time to time on the website. We also pride ourselves on helping as many mamas as possible which is why many of our products are from businesses owned by women and mums! Plus, we are testing them ourselves and making sure that if it works for us, it will hopefully work for you!


How do you know when to deliver the boxes?

Once you've completed your order and payment has been made, it would've asked you to enter your email address so we could send a confirmation email to you to finalise details. In this confirmation email, there will be 3 different sections in which you'll only need to fill one of those sections, depending on your reason of purchase. (Leaps specific, gift or just because)

Once we confirm these details, we will know when to deliver the boxes because of the information you've entered. 

If its a just because box then we send it out within that month, and if you have a specified date, then we will try our best to send the box to you within the date (however there is a turn around time of 5 - 7 business days, but you can email us for a quicker delivery time and we can try to arrange something) 

If purchasing to send out inline with bubs leap, then we will ask for bubs due date in the confirmation email and send out the box just before it happens (we also take into account shipping times as well) 

And lastly, if you are purchasing this as a gift voucher, no box will be sent out and you'll automatically get an electronic voucher emailed to you and the option to get a hard copy if you need one. 


Why is the full leap subscription substantially more?

The Full Leap subscription may seem like a lot up front however it will get you 10 boxes over the course of about 2 years! Plus, it is a better value than all our other subscriptions and you get an extra special surprise in your final box :)