Do your craft boxes really include everything I need to make the finished product?
We've included everything you need to create the product in your craft box, minus some commonly owned items/utensils from the home (eg: spoon, mixing bowl, sticky tape etc). When searching our craft box listings, it will detail what's included inside the box and what you'll need from home, so you can make sure you have everything you need.
Are there instructions included in the box so I know how to make the item?
Yes, every craft box purchase comes with access to an online video step-by-step tutorial that you can access while creating your item.

Will I end up making the product featured in your product pictures? Yes, the online video tutorial included with your craft box purchase will step you through creating the product that you see featured in our images, with some minor differences due to your own unique touch.

Do you offer different colour options in your boxes?
Some of our boxes have a choice of colours included, such as our Tie Dye Craft Box which allows you to choose 2 of 3 dye colours. For our other boxes, the colours included in the box come as standard and we will look to expand our colour options in the future.

Do you include receipts or pricing in the box if I'm giving it as a gift?
No. There is no pricing or receipts included in the box.
If I only purchase the online video tutorial, will it tell me what items I need to make the project?
Yes, we step through the items that are used to make the final project at the beginning of the tutorial.
How do I access the online video tutorial?
You'll be provided with a website link to access your video tutorial. You'll need internet & computer access.
Craft Box - you will find a card included in your box with the website link
Tutorial Only - you will be emailed the website link following purchase