GiftFox empowers individuals to make a positive difference to the lives of others, through thoughtful gifting.

GiftFox was created to solve two problems.
one. to help people connect with more small businesses
two. to help people find thoughtful, quality gift ideas
. . .
After the sh*t-show that was 2020, there was an influx of people - more informed and more passionate than ever, about supporting local businesses here in Australia.
GiftFox started as a Gift Directory, back in October last year. Our directory helped so many Australians find small businesses to support during the busiest time of the year for gifts - Christmas!
. . .
After an amazing response from you, we knew would have to kick it up a notch in 2021 and make it even easier for you to find gifts from small Australian businesses. So we did exactly that! We have now blossomed into an Online Gift Boutique and we are continuously blown away at how positive your experience is with our boutique.
. . .
We're here to help you find incredible gift ideas, from Australia's very best small businesses. If there's any way we can improve your experience, we'd love to know.
Thank you for supporting GiftFox & our incredible gift partners. We are forever grateful for you keeping our small business dreams alive!
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Love, Team GiftFox