Why should I support local?

Well, perhaps we should ask you this question.

Who would you rather give YOUR hard earned dollars to?

A big national, or even international business that has been developed to make money, and lots of it at that? Or a family run business that creates and packs every order by hand, that your sale directly helps to put food on their table and a roof over their head?

I know which I’d prefer, any day of the week.


When you spend with small, Australian businesses – you're allowing someone to live out their dreams and it benefits the Australian economy.

Money given to small Australian businesses, stays here in our economy. That’s a very good thing for us Aussies. If money isn’t being taken and spent overseas, it’s being spent here and keeping other local businesses alive.  It’s going to the local coffee shop, the local electrician and to the restaurant down the road. It's a big #supportlocal cycle! By spending your money here in Australia, you’re giving Australian communities the opportunity to thrive.


Us small business owners are everyday people, just like you. We care about your experience shopping with us and that you love your items. We want to you to have the best possible experience with us.

Sure, we have to have boundaries and might not be able to respond to your enquiries at 8:30pm on a Saturday night, but you best believe we will do everything we can to help you when we can. Can the same be said for a big business? Hmm, maybe – maybe not. Big businesses usually only care about one thing… $$$ 

It’s just not like that for small business owners. We’re happy dancing every time a sale comes through, let me tell you! Every single sale helps to keep our dream of owning and running our own small business.


Can’t put money behind local businesses at the moment? That’s okay! There’s plenty of ways you can still show your support.



If you’ve purchased from them before, let people know about your experience. These are worth their weight in gold for small businesses, particularly!


This one is 100% free, but is beyond appreciated. Every time someone shares a post, at least 1 new person is seeing it.


Word of mouth is an epic way for small businesses to get their name out there. If you had a positive experience with a small biz, make sure to let your circles know about it!


Want to support incredible small businesses whilst gift hunting? GiftFox is the place to find beautiful gift ideas from Australian businesses.

With over 200+ gifts to choose from and 30+ different vendors, there’s bound to be something your recipient (or you!) will love.


Happy gifting! 

GiftFox – where small biz & gifting collide.