Top Gift Ideas for Mum from Small Australian Businesses

Aren’t mums amazing? We would give our left kidneys to do absolutely anything for ours but sometimes, it’s not that easy. With Mother’s Day right around the corner (the second Sunday in May in case you have forgotten) it’s time to get organised and gift her something you know she is bound to love. Times are trivial and perhaps you are living apart from the most wonderful woman in the world but alas, we are here to help you send something to whoever ‘mum’ looks like in your life.

We understand that living miles away can make present hunting hard but that’s where we come into play. Online is the new guide to gifting and what better place to start than at Think marketplace crossed with local Australian businesses all wrapped in one. With a wide range of items to choose from, we have sourced some amazing small biz vendors to help you not only purchase quality products but to also support local this Mother’s Day.

Remember the saying, “your mum deserves an island but all you can afford is a candle”? You might not be able to find the perfect island but you will definitely be able to find something that’ll help whisk her away to a place of serenity. Check out our five favourite gifts our Mum’s have added to their cart for this Mother’s Day:



  1. At Home Day Spa Mask Bundle

Put together by Green & Bare, the At Home Clay Face Mask Bundle has been created to help women make time for themselves. For that moment of bliss, this bundle will allow your mum to sit back, relax and settle in for, what could be, some much deserved peace and quiet!



  1. Personalised Coffee Glass (Kream)

If your mum isn’t addicted to coffee, she is lying. The Kream Coffee glass was created to keep coffee hot and liquor cold. This is no ordinary ‘I love you Mum’ mug but it’ll soon become her new favourite. This personalised, insulated glass coffee cup will have your mum showing off all her barista skills.



  1. Acrylic Art Serving Board Craft Gift Box

Acrylic resin art is in full swing so why not turn mum’s afternoon into crafter-noon with this acrylic number. Champagne Creative has put together a bundle to help her decorate a serving board of her own. It’ll be the centre of attention at book club.


  1. Bath Soak Duo

Calm and Clarity are who things every mother deserves. Bee One of a Kind have bottled them up and packed them perfectly into a box ready for your mum to soothe her body, mind and soul. This spa experience is bound to leave her feeling relaxed and rejuvenated all in the comfort of her own home.


  1. Boho Earrings, Studs and Hairclip Gift Pack

Snap, crackle and pop this one into your cart. Brighten mum’s day by gifting her some boho-inspired statement accessories. Created in Perth, each piece is handmade with polymer clay and earrings completed with surgical steel backings. These are going to leave her poppin’!


Being far away doesn't mean your mum should miss out. So, what are you waiting for? Use this time jump online and to treat her to something nice, delivered right to her door!


Thank you for choosing to #supportlocal this Mother's Day.


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